Always in the name of security

The IOP Hamburg GmbH is a start up security services company. Since its launch in the year 2003 it is dedicated to ensure the security of enterprises and individuals.
The main tasks of the IOP Hamburg GmbH are:

•  Object security and protection
•  Personal security
•  Front desk services
•  Training in martial arts and weapon use
•  Self-defense seminars

Various employees of the IOP Hamburg GmbH are active sport shooters, some of them have a coach- and/or a instructor's license. With the development of specialized software for sport shooters the IOP added a further field of activity, which closes an obvious gap in the market. And this can be demonstrated to be true: Even only shortly after the release of this innovative software an enormous demand was noticeable.

If you have any further inquiries about our program IPSC-Score, feel free to get in touch with:
Mr. Michael Schütz,