Software that hits the bull's eye

How big is my distance to contestant X?
Which score do I need on Stage 1 to exceed contestant Y?

For sport shooters which participate in national and international tournaments, competition observation is essential. But those, who actively and in a concentrated way participate in a tournament, can hardly keep an eye on the results of their competitors at the same time. With IPSC-Score the logging of the current score becomes childlike easy.
The software was specially designed to keep the shooter up to date during the tournament. It consists of modules:

•  IPSC-Score
•  IPSC Power Factor

There are only two requirements to use this intelligent software:

•  You need a Pocket PC 2000 or 2002
•  A Windows PC is necessary to install the software

You don't need more to have all analyses ready all the time.

IPSC-Score was manufactured by IOP Hamburg and is an excellent software for sport shooters, who would like to document individual stages as well as the final results of a tournament. User-friendly, lightning-fast and without time-consuming calculating.

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